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Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Campervan Hire in Australia.

Can You Rent A Campervan In One City and Return it to Another in Australia?

One-way hires are common in Australia and you can always find a company that will allow you to pick up from any city in Australia and return to any other city in Australia. Watch out for high drop off fees to Broome. If you hire for over 21 days, some companies will waive the one way fee. You may have to search several companies to get the right vehicle for this trip. There may also be a minimum number of days that you need to pay for to allow a one-way rental.

Is there insurance included in the hire rate?

Yes, there is a level of insurance included in all rates. But you need to check the amount you have to leave as a security deposit when you collect your vehicle.

This is often the same amount as your insurance liability.

So, if you leave A$1000.00 as a security deposit and you have no additional cover, then you are liable for any costs involved in repairing damage up to £1000.00.

Can I buy extra insurance to cover this excess?

Yes, in most cases. You can buy extra cover on the website when you make your booking request. This can either be from the campervan hire supplier or from "Drive Easy".

You can also check if you have the excess covered by your own travel insurance. Sometimes credit card companies, or banks offer travel insurance that includes cover for vehicle hire excess as part of their insurance package. Check that this cover the hire of campervans and motorhomes and also if you are covered for Australia.

Are there any extra charges?

There are extra charges and these can vary from paying a drop-off fee to paying to hire bedding.

When you make a booking request all of these charges are listed as you go through the booking process.

Please note that you can follow the booking process right to the point where you put your payment details in. If you stop at this point you will have a full list of all the charges including any local taxes and credit card charges etc that you may incur in thie hire of the vehicle.

What are the terms and conditions?

These are listed after the costs at the bottom of the page. Please click on the link to see full terms and conditions.

Don't forget, we are here to help and you can call us anytime and we will answer all questions relating to your campervan or motorhome hire.

Where do we camp?

Australia's National Parks have campsites for campers and motorhomes.

There are also privately owned campsites.

We find asking friendly café, bar owners etc if you can overnight in their car park usually works. (please at least have a meal or drink there if you do!)

You can free camp in Australia but not in towns. Ask before you do and other travellers will pass on news of good places to stay. Please leave the site that you stay as if you haven't been there.

Are there charges for travelling in Australia?

Yes, watch out for "toll" roads especially around Melbourne. Ask when you collect your camper where they are and pre-pay or avoid them. They will fine you if you don't. Watch out around Melbourne and Sydney!

How do I save money on my hire?

  • Take your own bedding! (there are sometimes extra charges for this)
  • Book early. Some companies put the prices up the nearer you get to pick up date. Book early and those prices are fixed.
  • Book for longer. Check out the over 21 day rate and the over 35 day rate. It is always worth having a look before you book as you may be able to go for longer for the same amount of money.
  • Older vehicles are cheaper than newer ones.
  • Larger vehicles are more expensive than smaller ones.
  • Avoid one-way hires that are less than 14 days in length.
  • Watch out for our special discounts. These are updated daily.
  • Travel out of high season.
  • Book early.

Can I take my vehicle off-road?

Basically, no! Hire a 4x4 camper if you want to explore the outback away from sealed/bitumen roads.

Check the terms and conditions. There are some roads that you are not allowed to travel on.

What do I need to take?

If you have to pay for bedding, take a sleeping bag.

Everything else is included.

Check out the optional extras such as bbq's, tables, chairs etc. You can often buy these cheaper than hiring them.

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