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Choose from our top cheap campers to tour Adelaide

Adelaide is a popular starting point to rent a campervan from.

One-way hires are common in Australia. Start in Adelaide and return to any other city in Australia.

Adelaide has a great selection of campers, motorhomes and camping cars for two people:

It's a difficult choice to make if you are not aware of the brand names of Campervan Hire companies in Australia. We list only the brands that offer reliable and safe camperans for hire.

There are so many companies to choose from that you may feel overwhelmed. If you are just looking for the cheapest camper for your holiday then we can help you.

Every day we review the rates that all of our specially selected campervan rental companies are offering and we adjust our rates to make them the cheapest on the internet.

Take advantage of all the special discounts and offers that we update daily. It's our business to be the best at getting the best campers without compromising on quality.

Call us at any time with your questions about any of the campers that we have for rent from Adelaide.

You may find that you want to rent from Adelaide to Broome but the campervan that you have chosen is not available for that trip. Our friendly Australian experts can tell you why and help you make the best choice of another company.

Our reservation staff are online and available by phone 24 hours a day to help you book a campervan. We can help you get the cheapest rental for your road trip starting in Adelaide.

For Two people sharing, these are some of the choices you have to rent from Adelaide.

A small camping car such as a Jucy Calypso 2 sleeper, the Spaceship Alpha 2 berth, the Hippie Hitop, or the Awesome The Sturt. These are not all campervans. Some areSUV's (Sports Utility Vehicle)that have been converted to include a bed and also cooking equipment,a chilly bin and a small sink to wash up in.

The SUVs are the perfect size for a budget camper. They are all-wheel drive and provide all you need for a roadtrip. They don't have a toilet and shower and you can't stand up in them. There is just one double bed.

A small low-top camper has a double bed and the cooking facilities inside the vehicle and a fridge. You are not able to stand up in this vehicle and it is a small van. You have the choice of a Hippie Drift camper, a Traveller's Autobarn Chubby Camper Van.

A small hi-top camper also has a double bed, a cook top inside the camper, a fridge, and you can stand up inside. This is the main difference between the low-top and the hi-top. They don't have a shower and toilet and so each night you will have to stay where there are shower blocks such as campsites. The pop-top is a low-top with a roof that you can raise when stationary. These vehicles are available from just about all the hire suppliers in Adelaide. Hippie Hitop has a hi top. ,Mighty campers are a popular choice (part of THL), Traveller's Autobarn, Big Sky, Cheapa Campers, Britz, Letsgo, Apollo, Camperman, and Cruisin.

Adelaide discounts and special deals on Campervan and Motorhome Hire.

A 2-berth with shower and toilet. also has a double bed, sometimes two separate single beds. There is a cook top inside the camper, a good sized fridge, often a microwave and you can stand up inside. Importantly they have a shower and toilet. This gives you more flexibility as you are totally self sufficient. You can free camp but you do need to check that you have permission in Australia as some States ban free camping. Most hire suppliers have these campers on their fleet. The older vehicles are cheaper. The newer ones are generally under 18 months old. You can still get a good price on these if you book early. These vehicles are available from just about all the hire suppliers in Adelaide. Go Cheap, Kangaroo, Mighty is a popular choice (part of THL), Real Value, Traveller's Autobarn, Big Sky, Cheapa Campers, Britz, Letsgo, Apollo, Camperman. Luxury Aquila RV from Star RV and the top of the range Sprit 2t/s Ultima and the Ultima Plus from Maui.

A 6-berth, 5-berth, 4-berth, 3-berth and 2-berth campervan or motorhome will give you more space. You can find out the full specifications by clicking on the picture of each vehicle. You can check you bed sizes if you are tall or need more room.

For 3 to 5 people sharing a campervan or motorhome then you can choose an SUV with two double beds such as the Jucy Champ, or the hi-tops from Big Sky, Mighty or Apollo and Cheapa. As long as you have seatbelts for each of the passengers and you don't mind sleeping up close, then these vehicles are great if you are on a budget.

You will get more comfort if you hire a larger motorhome with shower and toilet. These campers have a combination of beds to sleep up to six people The very largest of them has a large double bed above the driver's cab, a large double or bunk beds at the rear and the table drops down to make a small double in the middle of the vehicle. Most popular are the 4 to 6 berth motorhomes from Apollo, Maui, Britz, Real RV, Cruisin and Star RV.

The busiest times for campervan and motorhome hire in Adelaide are during the summer holidays (December to February)and for major events such as rock festivals.

24 hour confirmation is available on most booking requests. Weekends can be a bit slower.

When is the best time to visit Adelaide?

The best time of year to hire a campervan or motorhome in Adelaide, South Australia is in the Australian Autumn which is between March and May.

The climate varies from hot and dry in the interior, to mild and wet in the south and coastal regions. Adelaide generally has mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. It is the driest of all the Australian capital cities.

The average annual rainfall is 553 mm. June is the wettest month, averaging around 80 mm. The average rainfall in summer is around 20 mm. The average maximum temperature is 29 °C in summer and 15–16°C in winter.

Autumn (March to May) is a great time to visit Adelaide. There's plenty of sunshine and the weather is warm and pleasant. Daily autumn temperatures in Adelaide range from a minimum of 12.5°C to a maximum of 22.4°C.

You have the choice of a full range of campervans from really small sleeper cars to full size six berths. There are plenty of campsites and National Parks to accommodate all types of vehicles.

You can use Adelaide as a base to visit:

The wine regions of McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley and Clare Valley.

Belair National Parkis a national park of 835 ha, 11 km (7 mi) south of Adelaide City. Cleland Conservation Parkis a large National Park of 992 ha (2,450 a), located 20 min from Adelaide City and Morialta Conservation Parks located 10 km (6 mi) north-east of the CBD.

Adelaide Hills,Kangaroo Island is a must. Flinders Ranges and Wilpena Pound. Victor Harbour, just an hour or so drive south of Adelaide. Granite Island to see Fairy Penguins. Visit the nearby surf beaches in Pt Elliot, Middletown and Goolwa. Whispering wall, at the Barossa Reservoir. Yorke Peninsula is a popular destination and less touristy than Victor Harbour, and the rugged Innes National Park at the foot of the peninsula too.

Eyre Peninsula, Visit the historic town of Port Lincoln where you can see tuna farms and go diving with Great White Sharks (in a cage) or swim with the dolphins and the seals.

Discounts on campervan hire in Australia.

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